DKB: Inspired by passion, driven by innovation

OUR STORY: DKB and the mountains

Spirit of adventure, sporty and high-tech personality, but with an exclusive design and attention to detail: it was along this line that the brand originated in 2004, focusing on the world of skiing, with garments of undisputed quality, designed to guarantee top performances on the slopes.
DKB was radically updated in 2014 becoming part of the Punto Azzurro group, founded by Luigi Loda, specialised in manufacturing technical and leisure clothing: a company with an Italian heart, with total control over the production chain.
In 2020 DKB took its philosophy and know-how specialized in mountain apparel and created the new Alpine Touring collection designed for practical and comfortable dressing in layers, to face all conditions in the mountains with maximum freedom of movement.
Today DKB continues to pursue its commitment to creating sportswear with the highest technical and comfort standards, designed to last in time.

OUR CHALLENGE: Make your mark

There is an aspect that DKB and those who practice mountain sports share.
They both make their mark.

The tracks of downhill skiing, footprints left by snowshoes, the parallel tracks of a sled, footsteps on fresh snow. It is the holes of crampons on ice, but also the marks of a flat tyre or the prints left by wheels on a dirt road.
This is why those who practice mountain sports make their mark. And so does DKB with those who choose its garments: it leaves an indelible mark on the memory of the wearer, owing to technology, comfort and the technical performance of its garments for skiing and ski touring.

BEHIND DKB: Vision & Mission

D for design

Design means not only "fashion", or "style", but also knowing how to create innovative, timeless, distinctive and highly performing products, garments that dress your freedom to be yourself, in chaotic cities just as in the peace of the snow-capped peaks or while cycling with others. Care in choosing materials and in production details, without neglecting the trendiest lines: performance and practicality at the service of your style.

K for Know-how

Each DKB clothing item is the result of a long process, from the design phase and testing to final production, passing by way of a selection of the finest materials, the control of the European production chain and a decade of experience in the industry.

This know-how has allowed us to grow even further in pursuit of innovation and technology: inside the Punto Azzurro production unit, DKB products are manufactured and tested with a perfect synergy between the Research & Development laboratory and the Style &Design Department, merging style and fit with performance and sportiness.

B for brand

DKB has a mission: to be the nexus between performance and design. We produce excellent garments, designed with technology and passion, able to accompany every moment and make you feel original, authentic. Design and know-how are essential to creating a good product.

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